AK 12

is a specially-designed speaker system for individual musicians who are playing in a poor environment. AK series feature deep and powerful low-pitched sounds from 3” medium-size compressed driver and the power of 190mm strong magnet in spite of a small speaker system. Manufactured with HAMMER SPEAKER’s special coating method, a 310mm unit is stable and not damaged by long hours of playing, and its surround softness shows the smooth and fantastic control in terms of strong low-pitched sound playing. Its suitable 1.75” high-pitched sound-compressed driver and accurate network design superiorly play sounds in order for audiences to be able to be fascinated by acoustic performance surrounded by plentiful low-pitched sounds and natural and clear performance. Also, an enclosure designed with specially-bonded plywood controls unnecessary resonance for stages. The powerful sound of AK-12 starts from other models manufactured by our design and is well-received by a lot of musicians.

* Performance stage

* Music Club

* Church

* Conference


Model: AK-12 (12″ 2way full range system)

Power Handling: 450W (Cont) / 900W (Prog) / 1800 (Peak)

Frequency Range: 35Hz -20KHz

Frequency Response: 43Hz -20KHz

Average Sensitivity: 99dB(W/m)

Max SPL: 129dB(PEAK/1M ±3dB)

Nominal Impedance:

Nominal Directivity: 80º(H) x 70º(V)

Low Frequency Driver: 75mm(3″) Compression driver Coil / 310mm(12″) woofer

High Frequency Driver: 44mm(1.75″) Compression driver Coil

Flying Hardware: 20 x M8 points

Connectors: 2 x Speakon® NL4MP (1+/1- Input & Link)

Pole Mount: 35mm pot

Enclosure: CNC made with tongue and grove assembly 15mm birch plywood

Finish: Touring grade textured black Paint coating

Dimensions: 350mm(W)×600mm(H)×380mm(D)

Weight: 23.5kg net